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Sunday, February 14

Winter Olympics & Valentine's Day

Only Calvin can express the truth about life with humor. I'm finding it less and less humorous the longer I live. It goes faster and faster and I can't slow it down, except when I'm watching the Winter Olympics this year. Then time slows down to a painful pace. The expression, "Like watching paint dry" should be "Like watching ice melt." Oh, my, is this year's Olympics dreadfully boring, at least so far. The luge requires no appreciable skill that I can see. It seems to me that those who weigh the most and who have the best sleds will win the event. And the difference between winning and losing is only hundredths of a second. Booooring. I've found that in two days of watching, involving twelve or more hours, only a very few events of any interest have taken place. Huge amounts of time are spent either on commercials or on chats with folks in the television booth. Boooring. Maybe things will get more interesting next week. Or not.

Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought a rose would be appropriate. A rose for my Rosalie as well as any Roses out there who may stumble onto this blog.

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