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Thursday, May 27

American Idol Fiasco

Lee Dewyze? Over Crystal Bowersox? Say it isn’t so. How can that be? Talk about injustice. Ah well, at least I can now say for certain that I’ve seen the last American Idol ever. I swear on my mother’s grave I will never watch another AL series, never a single AL show. It’s enough that it’s become one of the least classy shows on the tube, but now the viewers come up with this lopsided vote for a guy who might not have even been in the top ten a few series ago.

This latest vote again demonstrated that Idol is little more than a popularity contest. After Dewyze and Bowersox sang their three selections last Tuesday, it was clear to me and the judges and probably the majority of those watching on tv that Bowersox blew Dewyze away. In fact, she may have shot herself in the foot, the one who caused her loss. When she’d finished her third performance, “Up to the Mountain,” she interrupted the judges’ comments before Simon could speak, and told him how much she appreciated him as a judge and his critical comments for her. And then her joke about comedy central in her remarks to Ryan Seacrest. It struck me and possibly those who called in their votes that she was too pleased with herself and her final song, too certain of her victory. Just a hint of hubris that the voters in that last second may have held against her.

We’ll never know. I feel safe in saying, however, that Crystal Bowersox will be quickly signed by a record producer, will lose twenty or thirty pounds, will get her teeth fixed and whitened, and will become a force to reckon with on the musical scene. On the other hand, Lee Dewyze will get lost in the ranks of mediocre rockers.

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