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Friday, March 25

Welcome back

I’ve been away for a while. Not that I went anywhere. I’ve just been absent mentally. I think I may have simply run out of anything to say and that’s unusual for a blabber mind like mine. The hole in my leg still hasn’t healed but it’s a bit closer, enough that I don’t need to go to the wound center every Monday, just every third Monday. I’m going on fifteen months since I first went there, an amazing length of time for a simple wound to heal. I warn any of you out there who have a focused radiation treatment for skin cancer: about four months later you may develop a wound like mine, a hole that just appears at the point of the radiation. And the sucker just doesn’t want to heal. I’ve been golfing again but what I’m doing can scarcely be called golf. I wouldn’t have thought it possible that my game could disintegrate as much as it has. It’s like I had never played . . . ever . . . instead of the 65 or so years I’ve been at the game.

Just one more thing I want to mention: I’ve put all my books on where they’re available as e-books, downloadable to Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, or Border’s Kobo, Sony Pocket, or Velocity Micro Cruz. They’re priced at $6.99, $2.99 for my book on sentence structure. Please, those of you with electronic readers, buy one or more of my books. I need readers.

And I promise to have something more interesting to write about tomorrow or the next day.

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