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Tuesday, April 24

Surgery & Jeri

Today is the day after my surgery, and tomorrow is daughter Jeri's birthday. I won't say how many this makes, but it's quite a few. And although we can't be with her to watch her blow out the candles, we can imagine it. Quite a conflagration. Back to my surgery. Dr. Brown excised the huge growth on my left calf, skinned my left thigh of enough to cover the excision as well as the wound-that-refuses-to-heal. It isn't as painful as I thought it would be, but it's early yet. I may start screaming after another day or two pass. Now, to get everything healed and then to tackle the psoriasis problem. I limped into the midical arts building this morning to see Dr. Flynn, find out what our plan would be. She told me to come see her in another six weeks, after the healing (knock on wood) is completed, and then we could begin using a retinoid to treat the psoriasis. Then . . . then . . . then, maybe I can resume some exercise and maybe even take up the game of golf again. I hope so. This past two years has been too much like waiting for life to begin, each day like waiting for the clock to dump another day of non-existence. It's been a most depressing two years. Anyway, Jeri, here's an electronic birthday card just in case the real one doesn't get there on time.

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