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Thursday, March 27

Confusion 1

So Many things confuse me. Men who keep a three-day beard confuse me. Do women really find that sort of facial hair attractive? I see Harry Connick on American Idol with that unshaven look and I wonder why. He’s a rational man, the only one on that trifecta panel who makes any sensible comments about the performers, yet he has that grungy look in clothes and facial hair. Why? Have the show’s producers instructed the three of them to dress down, way down, to appeal to the young crowd? Why must Keith Urban wear grungy t-shirts that expose his tats? Why must JLo wear tiny little skirts that barely cover butt and pubic zone (making it a public zone)? Why must we get constant shots of her and Keith bobbing their heads and mouthing the words to the songs the performers are singing? Why, why, why? But enough about American Idol. Why do some men have to whip out a wrinkled, soiled handkerchief and blow their noses in public restaurants? Why do some men, outdoors (thank God), hold one nostril closed and then blow nasty stuff out the other, then reverse the process? Am I disgusted too easily? Are we on the brink of becoming a classless nation (and I don’t mean social classes)? Where is the class of yesteryear? Going, going, gone.

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