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Thursday, August 7

Confusion & Tiger Recant

I’ve been told by a few of my readers that it’s become too complicated to comment on any of my blog posts. I miss the comments. I found out that you can click on the blue comment at the bottom of any posts. A comment box will appear. Just type in the comment, then scroll down the “Comment as” and publish it as anonymous. I look forward to hearing from you, even if anonymously.

I’m still confused by what’s happening between Israel and Gaza. What exactly does Hamas hope to accomplish by bombing Israel and sending troops through tunnels into Israeli territory? If too many Gazan civilians are being killed, why not simply stop the fighting and killing? I’m confused by Vladimir Putin. Why is he willing to sacrifice the Russian economy with his position on the fighting in Ukraine? Is it just for the power? Is it just so he can thumb his nose at the rest of the world? When will we all be willing to stop senselessly killing each other to gain something that’s not really a gain, but only a loss? Why not just live where we live? Why not allow others to believe as the want to believe? See, I’m still confused.

I guess I’ll have to recant my previous recantation about Tiger. He showed up to play in this week’s PGA championship. I was certain he wouldn’t. But after watching him play his first round, I think he’d have been better off skipping it and just waiting till next year to make some sort of return.

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