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Friday, September 19

This Is Where I Leave You

Despite the lukewarm reviews it got, we decided to see This Is Where I Leave You, and we’re very glad we did. I mean, it’s got Tina Fey and Jason Bateman in it, right? I’d go see Tina Fey doing 120 minutes of commercials. And then there’s Jason Bateman. I’ve decided, fickle cuss that I am, that I love Jason Bateman. He seems like such a nice guy, and so very quietly funny. In fact, this whole movie was so very quietly funny. Even the running boob joke when we see Jane Fonda with her gigundous new hooters.
It didn’t deserve “lukewarm.” Maybe not boiling hot, but quite a bit more than luke. Every reviewer seemed to think that this was way too much just a formulaic comedy misusing a wonderful cast, a dysfunctional family who come together in their New England hometown to sit shiva for their recently dead father. Well, we don’t need Osage County every time we see a film, and this dysfunctional family beat the hell out of the one in Osage. If you want a nice two-hour visit with these very nice, very funny people, go see This Is Where I leave You. You won’t be disappointed.
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