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Thursday, February 19

Magic Tuffy & The Mentalist

(That's Tiger on the left and Tuffy on the right. Or is it the other way around?)
Kitty update: Tiger and Tuffy have now learned how to open kitchen drawers. Why? As George Mallory replied when asked about why he chose to climb Mt. Everest, because it’s there. The kitty response is the same, because they’re there, just as any closed door or drawer is there. To be opened. To explore all the contents and secret places therein. Yesterday morning I found the bottom two drawers pulled out, Tiger sitting nearby, attentive to something to the rear of the drawers, an odd noise emanating from the lower of the two. A tiny brown paw was rifling through the pile of receipts we keep there. The paw was reaching from the back of the drawer, and I mean, the back panel of the drawer. I reached in to see how he had gotten there. Impossible. I could feel that there was at most a 3-inch gap between the back of the drawer and the bottom of the drawer above it. Yet there was this little brown paw reaching out from the back of the cupboard. I unhooked the catches at each side of the drawer and took the drawer out. And then removed Tuffy, who seemed to be giving me a very smart-ass cat smile, knowing that he’d just confounded the man he owned. That would be me. And I still can’t figure out how he got back there.

We watched the finale of The Mentalist on CBS last night. That is, we watched the first thirty minutes of its two-hour episode. Dish apparently had a transmission problem that would freeze a scene for a minute or so, then start again but without any sound, than another freeze. How irritating. We’d invested in seven seasons worth of Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon and now we aren’t able to see the conclusion? This morning I went on-line to CBS and found this episode and we were able to see it without any glitches. What a great way to conclude this series. A tense hunting of a serial killer who wants to get even with Jane, a renewal of old friends and relatives who want to attend Patrick and Lisbon’s wedding, insights into their past and a peek at their future, and a look at the cabin in the woods that Jane plans to remodel as a home for them. Spoiler alert: and Lisbon is pregnant. We’re going to miss these people whom we’ve come to know after seven years. I just read that there were no plans for any kind of spinoff. Good. We want the happy ending to be the end. But we can always look forward to seeing Simon Baker and Robin Tunney in something new, not together but starring in some new series of their own.
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