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Thursday, April 16

Irritating Day

Yesterday just wasn’t a good day. One of those days where nearly everything goes wrong and the irritation builds and builds. I drove the twenty miles to Midwestern Dental Institute for an 8:00 appointment, only to find out that my appointment was for May, not April, right day, wrong month. Grr! So on my way home I stopped at Black Bear Diner for breakfast. Pulled in, got out, found a yellow strip across the door, sort of like a crime scene strip, but in this case announcing the apparent death of Black Bear. Grrr! So I tootled on down the road and breakfasted at a place in Sun City. The coffee was luke warm. Grrrr! The wind was blowing fairly hard and I was glad I was golfing in the afternoon. But when I got to the course at noon when it was fairly calm, it took only a few holes before the wind got up again, and up, and up, gusting up to 35 mph. Grrrrr! Television in the evening: NCIS and NCIS New Orleans. I’ve written about this in the past but here I go again. These two shows seem to think that we viewers need a heavy musical background to help us with our feelings, to make sure we “get” the emotion of the scene, relying most heavily on quivering violins. But NCIS has always had music that was so intrusive one could hardly understand the dialogue. And now its New Orleans cousin has begun to do the same. Why do the producers of these two shows feel that music is necessary? And I’m not talking about a recognizable score, like the music behind that famous old film The Red Shoes or almost anything from Alfred Hitchcock or Alfred Newman’s theme music from Captain from Castille, that wonderful “Conquest.” Now that was music I can live with. This NCIS stuff is just irritating noise behind the scenes. It’s like the old tv comedies that felt it was necessary to have a laugh track to let us poor dumb viewers know what was supposed to be funny. Grrrrrr! At 10:00 we went to bed, both of us happy that this irritating day was over.
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