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Tuesday, September 29

Hair & Quantico

I know I’ve ranted about this subject before, but here I go again. It’s hair, body hair, and especially facial hair. What I say won’t have much to do with most women, since most women don’t have a big problem with body hair. Some men don’t have a problem either. They may not grow much hair or they don’t care. I see men with enough hair sprouting from their ears that it could be braided, and they don’t care. I do. You’d think that much hair might mute sounds like a blanket covering a cave entrance. But then, a lot of what we hear isn’t worth hearing. I’ve done battle with ear hair for over two decades. I dutifully pluck hairs from both lobes and the immediate inside and on the edges and top of both ears. But hair nearly always wins this battle. When I turn down the top of my ears, I find long hairs blossoming, almost as though they’d taken a wrong turn from my head and wound up on this aural cliff. Now and then when the light hits it just right, I find an impossible long hair, as long as an inch or more, growing from the edge of an ear. How did I miss it long enough for it to grow to that length? I don’t know. Then there’s nose hair. I realize that we need hair inside our noses to protect us from breathing in germs and other ugly stuff, but does it have to grow so fast? Why not just retain a protective length and let us breathe without that tickling that comes from a nose hair touching the edge of a nostril? I don’t know. I’ve never had this problem, but I’ve seen men with one or two long hairs growing out of the tips of their noses. Do they not see them when they look in a mirror or do they think they’re really attractive? I don’t know. So I battle hair on that front as well as on the ears. Beards are another thing. We’re currently in a time when a bunch of men are sporting beards, some neatly trimmed and some just growing helter skelter, but most with that two or three day haggard look, as though they’d wanted to shave but were too busy fighting crime or a hangover to get it done. Why would they cultivate that look? Why would women find that look attractive? How do they manage to keep it at that same unattractive length? I guess they must have an adjustable electric razor. I say, “Hair today, gone tomorrow.”

A quick comment on too many of the new television series. Too often the dialogue sounds like the speakers have marbles in their mouths. I may be old, but my hearing is still excellent, and I just can’t follow what’s being said and I’m not very good at reading lips. Case in point: The first episode of Quantico had a bunch of new FBI recruits going through their paces. And I couldn’t understand what they were mumbling to each other, to such an extent that I turned it off after only half an hour. There’s too much good stuff, understandable stuff, on the tube that I don’t need to waste my time with unintelligible stuff. I can hear and understand everything said on Blue Bloods The Good Wife, and Madame Secretary. Don’t the creators of Quantico realize what a mistake they’re making? I guess not. It will be interesting to see how long that show lasts before enough of us shut it off because we can’t hear the dialogue.
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