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Thursday, November 10

Trump Fallout

Now that the election’s over, I can’t seem to find anything to write about. My favorite topic—Trump, the loser—is now no longer valid. But my heart and my mouth find it almost impossible to say, “Trump, the winner.” He will always be a loser to me. I must be one of the most ignorant people in the world when it comes to economics. Why is the stock market skyrocketing after Trump won the election? What do investors see in his presidency that’s so positive? Or is this just a temporary bubble that will soon burst? I also noticed a few articles that said there were groups that would like their states to secede from the Union, California the most prominent. Wow, talk about revisiting the Civil War. Also, there seems to be a growing interest in an amendment to get rid of the Electoral College. I say it’s about time, even though in Clinton’s case, it’s too late. Will I feel less depressed over this election in a few days, a few years . . . or never? I saw an article somewhere suggesting that Michele Obama should run for president in 2020. I’d vote for her in a heartbeat. I hope I live long enough to see such a thing come to pass. Meanwhile, I and the rest of us have to find some way to live with a Trump presidency. Please, Donald, keep your finger off that button. Or maybe your cabinet members could tie your hands behind your back and stuff some cotton in your mouth, or better yet, hang you out in a field somewhere, like the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz who sang, “If I only had a brain.”
Enough of Trump for now. I just have to quit picking at that scab.

I’m happy that the ISIS threats to attack us during the election never came to pass. Maybe it’s a sign that their numbers are as empty as their threats were. I hope so.

Tomorrow, the movie Arrival will arrive. I can hardly wait to see it. I’m an old-time rabid science fiction fan and this one looks like a winner. It’s all about trying to communicate with aliens who have landed on earth. Language has always been an interest of mine, and Amy Adams, one of the world’s leading linguists, has been assigned the task of connecting with the aliens, who have a complicated way of communicating with intricate smoke rings. An interesting parallel with our Native Americans who once sent messages using smoke signals. We automatically assume that communicating with one another is best done by speaking. But consider all the other ways man has used or is still using: cave drawings, drum beats, semaphore, Morse code, signing, abstract paintings, films, music, numbers, facial gestures, writing, and sometime down the road, mental telepathy. Who is to say that a series of smoke rings couldn’t be as or more effective? I’ll reserve judgement until I see what this movie has to say.
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