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Sunday, December 11

A This 'n' That Sunday

This was a do-nothing day, a day for catching up on the news, for watching too much football, for putting some finishing touches on my Christmas blog, for considering what the rest of the year holds for me.

In the news, an Egyptian woman is reported to weigh 1100 pounds, a new record for obesity. That doesn’t seem possible, and the medical people who were told about her couldn’t believe she could even still be alive. How does one become that much overweight? When will we get to the time when no one will be that obese, or even obese at all? In the U.S. we have an epidemic of obesity, but 1100 pounds is ridiculous.

John Glenn has died. Not sad. Just newsworthy to note his passing. He was a man for the ages, a man to emulate. A pioneer on our next frontier, space. Go well, John Glenn.

Fake news stores on all the social media sources, and a possible, probable, reason for Donald Trump’s election. And today I read what he said about not needing to go to daily security briefings: "I'm, like, a smart person. I don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years." Eight years? Has he already assumed he’ll be reelected in 2014? Heaven help us.

NFL football: I just watched the ugliest game I’ve ever watched, the Dolphins vs. the Arizona Cardinals. It rained torrentially in Miami and effected the game from the opening kickoff to the end. And the Cardinals found a new way to lose a game: They had an extra-point kick go wide left because of a bad long-snap; they had a chip-shot field goal hit the right upright and kick out; they had another extra-point blocked with a Dolphin running it back for two points. Thus, they gave up seven points and lost by three on a last-second field goal by Miami. I think I may never watch another NFL game.

And a few odd comments: Always give 100% (unless you’re donating blood).

English is weird. It can be understood, though, through tough, thorough thought.

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