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Thursday, November 12

Book Sale

It’s that time again. You know, time for the holidays and Christmas gift-giving and all that good stuff. If you’re looking for something different to give to a friend or child or grandchild, why not consider one of my books. And the price is right--$10 for either paperback or hardbound. And the author (me) will even sign it. Now, where else could you get a signed copy of a book by the author? Who knows, maybe someday they’ll be collectors’ items (or not).

Let me know, either by e-mail ( or mail (12606 W. Flagstone Dr., Sun City West, AZ 85375) or face to face whenever you see me. I’ll get a book or books to you one way or the other.

Matchplay (a golf suspense novel) paperback only
Dust of Autumn (a murder/suspense novel) paperback or hard bound
Prairie View (a South Dakota suspense novel) paperback only
The Black Widow (an Arizona/Las Vegas murder/suspense novel) paperback only
Life in the Arbor (a children’s novel set in SCW—for about fifth-graders) paperback or hard bound
A Baker’s Dozen Plus Two (a collection of short stories and essays) paperback or hard bound

If you’d like to read more about any of the books, you can go to my website: If you’d like to sample any of my other ramblings, you can go to my blogspot:

Not much else to write about. I wonder what Sammy Sosa is doing with the new lighter skin. I guess, as the columns say, he just wants to take over for Michael Jackson.

And a pet peeve or two. I guess those folks who choose to blow their noses at a restaurant really disgust me. I mean, that's a rather personal thing to do and it doesn't need to be done in public, especially when I'm eating one or two tables away from the blower. How about shopping carts at the super market? It frosts me when people (old or otherwise) cart their groceries to the car and then shove the cart up onto a curb or just leave it beside their parking space. How old does one have to be not to simply take the damn thing back to the cart storage? It makes me want to smash my cart into the side of their car as they're pulling away. I never do it, but I want to.

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