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Thursday, December 30

New Year's Eve Eve

One day left in 2010. What to do with it? Well, one thing we won’t do is go out somewhere for drink and fireworks. The only firework we’ll hear is the sound of our heads hitting the pillows around 10:00. It’s been years since we were awake at midnight to see the old one out and new one in. Now, we just try to remain awake to see the ball drop in New York. Sometimes we make it, sometimes not. I can’t say I’ll miss this old year. It’s been a really rotten one for me. Too many doctors, too many appointments. I feel like I’ve signed away my life into the care of one specialist after another. Next year will be better. I’m just sure of it. Next year the holes in my leg will heal. Next year I’ll get hack to the golf course. Next year Tiger will get back on his game and win two majors. Next year the Cardinals and Suns and Diamondbacks will have winning seasons. Wow! That’s a prediction that’s more in my heart than in my head. Next year I’ll finish that sixth novel I’ve been working on for nearly two years. Next year Rosalie will get back to swimming and I’ll get back somewhat into shape. Or not. We’ll see next year. I hope you’ll have a better year also.

Happy New Year.

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