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Sunday, February 27

Dreams & Jack Reacher

I looked through my journals and found this bit in 2002. And the oddity is that it was several years before I began reading the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child. "I was writing in my sleep again last night. There was more to it than this, but this was so vivid I thought I should get it down: I created a transient of some kind who kept his toiletries in a glass jar, about a 12-ouncer, and in it he kept a small comb, a foldup toothbrush, a sliver of soap, and a washcloth. Now why would I dream such a thing and why would it be in writing? I mean, as I was dreaming I was putting those words down somewhere. I think lately I haven’t been sleeping very deeply and sometimes I think in a semi-sleep state and the thoughts seem to be dreams but aren’t really. I think that floating state between sleep and wakefulness is probably very creative, with the thought process even clearer than it is in an awake state. Or maybe I’m just full of crap." Back to the oddity: Jack Reacher is a transient, and he travels with very few personal possessions, one of which is a foldup toothbrush.

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