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Thursday, October 13

The Vaaaast Wasteland

I don’t know if it’s just me getting grumpier and grumpier as the years go by or if in fact this season’s television is all pretty bad. Or I might, as “Cantanker,” join the seven dwarves. More and more, I’d rather skip the tube and just read. About half the offerings on prime time are reality shows, and, other than So You Think You Can Dance, I’m not a fan of reality stuff. How many Survivors do we need? How many Amazing Races? How many shows devoted to obese people trying to lose weight? And all the Real Housewives from one city or another, and all the Kardashians, and angry chefs, and X Factors. Who the hell needs ‘em?

I really wanted to love Terra Nova, with its sci-fi premise of time travel and all the possibilities of life among the dinosaurs, but unless it steps up its game, they’re going to lose me. All that money Spielberg and others put out to make this show, and so far it’s just a second-hand Lost. Maybe even a third-hand. And why did they decide to cast Australians for half the cast? These people are supposedly smoggy Chicagoans but they derive from Down Under. What’s with that? And the dinos aren’t even close to Jurassic Park standards. Ah, well, the set is pretty.

Last Man Standing was funny, but the man standing was just an older Tim the Toolman. And after three episodes of Two-and-a-Half Men, we’ve decided they're down to only half a man and we don’t need to see any more. A Gifted Man doesn’t have any gifts at all, and it, like Pan Am, Charlie’s Angels, and The Playboy Club (already canceled) will soon be gone with the wind.

The Vast Wasteland, much vaster now in 2011, is back.

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