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Wednesday, February 1

Charlie Update

Charlie seems to have settled in nicely. There is no spot in our house that he hasn’t explored, and he seems to own them all. He’s decided he loves our back patio, a place where he can get up close and personal with quail and rabbits. He hasn’t been out there when any of our coyote population saunters by. I’m not sure how he’ll react to a coyote. Probably, since he’s a very sensible little cat, he will rush back into the house, just in case the big dog decides to come crashing through the patio screen to make a meal of little Charlie. As I said, Charlie seems to be a very bright little cat. And he and Squeakie are now friends. No more hissing, no more Squeakie tails like bottle brushes. They even now bump noses and sniff tails. Well, not exactly tails, but you know what I mean. They’re still not friends enough to curl up together or bathe each other, but that, I’m sure, will come. After all, if one is up to sniffing tails, can a closer relationship be far behind? That’s true with humans, so why not with cats? They now also sleep with us, Charlie all night, and Squeakie part of the night. But, then, she’s never slept with us for a whole night. Charlie sleeps between us and whenever I get up to pee, he feels obligated to keep me company, twining back and forth between my legs, purring softly as he twines. Then he beats me back into bed and we resume our nightly sleep. We’ve had quite a few cats in our lives before moving to Sun City West, but I swear we’ve never had one like Charlie. Maybe it’s because we were always busy working or golfing and we didn’t take the time to watch a kitten grow into an adult. Maybe it’s because all our other cats were outdoors cats, coming and going via a cat door. Dusty, when we got him, was already a grown cat, and Squeakie was a tiny kitten with Dusty as a big brother. But she never acted like Charlie. I think Charlie may very well be a tiny person in a kitten disguise.

See, there they are together, but not quite in a sniffing stance. Yeah, you probably noticed I had to photoshop them to get them in the same picture.
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