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Monday, December 10

Golf & Football

I got up to wind and cold, and on to the golf course for a 9:30 tee time. Oh, my, was it cold. I had four layers of clothes on and I was still cold. And I paid good money for a very bad round. I keep thinking I've sunk as low as I can get in terms of golf scores, but I keep sinking lower and lower. Or, in the way of golf scores, sinking higher and higher. That's rather paradoxical, but then, so is my game.

All of which reminds me of the Cardinals. They have taken ineptitude to a new level. They're no longer losing close games--they're losing by distant numbers. Fifty-eight to zip at Seattle yesterday. I'm embarrassed to say I'm a Cardinals fan. The only good thing that can come from this miserable season is for them to lose the rest of their games and get an early draft pick, a quarterback who can actually throw the ball to poor Larry Fitzgerald. But then they also have to find three or four offensive linemen to allow that quarterback some time to throw and to open up a few holes for a running back that they'd also have to draft. I'm not sure they'll have enough draft picks to find all the people they need. I wonder if they can draft a new coach while they're at it. Ah, well, as we used to say in high school after a bad season, "Just wait'll next year."

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