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Monday, December 31

New Year's Eve

We’re on the eve of another year, and I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring us. We’re about to tumble off the fiscal cliff, and despite the dire warnings, I don’t think anyone will get very hurt when we hit bottom. It may sound worse than what will be. Somewhere down the road congress and President Obama will take care of it. Also somewhere down the road, we’ll see new legislation regulating guns. It won’t take away the handguns and rifles the NRA hold so dearly, just the big stuff no honest citizen needs. I don’t see this sort of legislation as threatening the Second Amendment. The stock market will stay solid; the world economy will become more steady. All will be right with the world. Now, if we could just get those Middle Eastern countries to stop killing each other.

Rosalie and I are going to have a safe and sane New Year’s Eve, just as we always have. We’ll have a nice meal of salad, baked potato, New York strip steak, and a piece of Sara Lee’s apple pie to top it all off. Then we’ll try to stay up for the ball drop in New York. That will be 10:00 here. And that’s about as long as we can make it, old folks that we are.

This will be my 630th post over the three and a half years I’ve had this blog site. When I began I never dreamed I’d find enough to write about for over 600 blogs. Just goes to show how verbose I am. But I’ve enjoyed it, and enjoyed the readers from all over the world who may have stumbled onto my Doggy-Dog World. Thank you. And if any of these readers whom I don’t know would like to write to me, I’d love to hear from you. My e-mail address is If you write, I’ll answer.

Meanwhile, happy New Year. Prospero año y felicidad.

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