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Thursday, September 26

Losers & Winners

Last weekend was a lost weekend for most Arizona sports teams. Remember Ray Milland, the alcoholic in Lost Weekend from a long time ago? Well, that’s what I’ll probably become from watching all these losers in the Valley. The ASU Sun Devils looked more like moon angels in their game against the Stanford Cardinal. This was supposed to be ASU’s chance to show the nation that they deserved to be a ranked team. Didn’t happen. If they’d been a chunk of meat, they’d have been chopped liver, and plenty rank at that. Then there are those rank Arizona Cardinals who not only didn’t give the Saints any kind of battle, they also lost three linebackers for the season, and Calais Campbell is questionable for the game against the Buccaneers next Sunday, as is all-star receiver Larry Fitzgerald and mainstay running back Rashard Mendenhall. And although safety Rashad Johnson had his middle finger tip torn off in that stinky loss to the Saints, he’ll probably play against the Buccaneers, just won’t be able to give anybody the bird. This is going to be another season just like last year when they wound up 5-11. Possibly even worse. I look at their schedule and don’t see many teams they have a chance to beat, maybe the Buccaneers this weekend and the Jaguars in six weeks. We’ll see. And the Diamondbacks just coast along at fifty percent, just like last year when they posted that really boring 81-81 record. They may better that by a game or two, but that still isn’t good enough. Our WNBA Mercury ladies were the only bright spot in the weekend, winning their first playoff series against the LA Sparks. Go like lightning, you Mercurites.

Quick comment about the Emmys last Sunday. Neil Patrick Harris should simply resign himself to doing every Oscar, Emmy, and Tony show. Nobody can do it better. Winners and losers. We regret that so many winners come from the premium channels like HBO and Showtime, channels we don’t want to pay for because we already have too many things to watch. Losers: that So You Think You Can Dance should lose out to Dancing with the Stars in the choreography category is just stupid. There’s no comparison between the choreography on SYTYCD and Stars. Maybe it was because SYTYCD had five nominees and Stars only one. Ditto the winning of The Voice over SYTYCD. No comparison. We were happy that funny man Jim Parsons won for best lead in a comedy. That’s one big bang of a show.
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