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Sunday, September 8

Sleepy Sunday

I’m old. I tend to be forgetful. I finally realized that two years ago I had done the whole ES3 bit on this blog. And here I am, beating that some dead horse again. Forgive me, readers. I won’t continue this examination of sentence structure.

It’s Sunday and our skies are overcast with occasional light showers. The humidity is way up but the temps are way down, only upper 80’s for the high today. Only two days ago it was a triple digity 111 and it felt like a furnace. Sunday morning, and I’m here listening to all the talking heads on Fox—Jimmy, Terry, Howie, Michael, and host Curt Menefee—and oh how they all love to talk. They’re almost salivating over the coming season. I guess I am too. Please, Arizona Cardinals, win this first one over the Rams.

We’ve recently been feasting on reruns of The Big Bang Theory. TBS and KUTP are showing as many as six episodes in a row and we’re amazed at how many we hadn’t seen. We dvr them and then watch them one after another. We both thought we’d watched them all from the first season up to now, but we were wrong. It’s a really funny show, and Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper is one of the funniest people ever on the tube. The whole cast is hilarious—Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy Farrah Fowler, even Howard’s never seen but always heard mother. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see her. Probably not.
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