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Wednesday, May 21

Hugs & GW-Mentalist Finales

I’m a hugger. There’s just something about a hug that can’t be duplicated in any other form of human connection. Well, there’s always that other connection, but it’s not the same thing. A hug needs to be with both arms and full frontal. None of this one-armed stuff or the sort of ambivalent one-sided hug. How long should a hug last? Five seconds is about as long as it can go without turning it into some sort of sexual encounter. Some people don’t want to touch anyone, not for a hug or a handshake, and even their handshakes are usually some kind of limp-wristed, dead fish thing. A handshake says hello or oh yuck, depending on the strength of the grip. But a hug says I love you or really care about you. Since I love or like most of the people I meet, that’s why I’m a hugger.

We watched the season finales of The Good Wife and The Mentalist, and both gave us little cliff-hangers. Diane on GW asked Alicia and Cary if she could join their firm, and Eli Gold , with a surprised look, asked Alicia if she’d consider running for state’s attorney. The Mentalist did a takeoff of The Graduate and a bunch of other rom-coms with the male running after a plane or train or car to get to a woman before she makes a mistake and leaves forever, to tell her that he loves her. The Patrick Jane we’ve known for six seasons, the man who could give everyone that endearing smile but would not allow anyone inside the barriers around him, leaped a tall fence and raced across the tarmac to get to Teresa to proclaim his love. And after he left the plane and returned to the FBI office, we see Teresa come up to him and tell him she feels the same way. Wow! It was almost as though the writers had assumed the show wouldn’t be renewed, so they gave it a fitting conclusion. But now we have a seventh season coming up and whatever will they do with the romantic entanglement? See? Two tiny cliffhangers.

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