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Tuesday, May 13

Idol & Wacky Weather

We’re still watching American Idol even though I’ve sworn off that show too many times to count. In fact, last week, after watching Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban do their irritating neck bobs during performances, I told Rosalie that if I ever again succumb to the Idol idiocy, she should just take a gun and shoot me. Knowing her, though, she’d probably shoot to miss, maybe just wound me in my remote hand (the tv remote hand, not my hand remotely giving the show the bird). They’re now down to the final three, who have all gotten quite a bit better throughout the season. But they’re still not very good.

We’ve had a lot of wind in the Valley this spring, more than we can remember in our twenty Arizona years. And no rain. So the Southwestern drought continues. Then there’s the wacky weather in other parts of the country—rains that come down like a frenetic faucet, flooding homes and towns and cities, causing tragic death and destruction, making great sink holes in Florida; tornadoes that sweep through communities in the inner East Coast; odd-ball earthquakes in California and unexpected states in the east; snow storms and ice storms across the upper tier well into what we would normally consider docile spring. What have we done to our planet to cause these dramatic climatological changes? We now have northern and southern pole icebergs melting at an astounding rate, threatening to raise sea levels enough to inundate coastal cities. What have we done and what can we do about it? I don’t know, but I certainly hope our brainiacs can find solutions. Until then, I thank my lucky stars that I’m living out my life in Happy Valley, Arizona.

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