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Thursday, January 1

New Year's Day & Too Much Football

A gloomy New Year’s Day, cloudy and unusually cold, not a record low, but close. So, what does one do on a cold, gloomy New Year’s Day? One watches football, a bunch of football, especially the two games involving the 4-team playoff for a national championship. I’m more interested in the Oregon/Florida State game than the other. I don’t care if Ohio State somehow manages to beat Alabama. I don’t much care for either team. But Oregon is our Pac 12 team and I want them to beat up on Florida State. Not just beat ‘em, but beat up on ‘em. I’m talking about the score, not any physical injury. I think I’ll be glad to see the end of football, both college and NFL. I get too involved in the action, agonizing over every dropped pass or blown coverage, physically engaging in tackles with my legs and body squirming around as I help make a tackle or keep my legs churning if I’m helping a running back. I’m too old for that kind of empathetic action. At least in the other sports I watch—basketball, baseball, and, of course, golf—I don’t have to do much except watch the action. I don’t have to join in any drives to the basket or swing a bat with whoever’s at the plate or help Tiger make a putt, although he could sure use some help lately. Yeah, in those three sports I’m just a spectator, but in football I still have to be physically engaged. And I’m too old for that.

Last night we had a nice, quiet dinner—leftover chicken fettuccini and two large chunks of prime rib we brought home from Outback. And a bunch of wine afterwards while we watched a few old Criminal Minds before the New Year’s Eve festivities came on in New York. We made it to the East Coast ball drop at 10:00, gave each other a little kiss and toddled off to bed. So much for any midnight activity. No champagne, no funny hats, no confetti. We’re old and ten o’clock is about all we can stand.

A friend of mine from high school days, Ben Thompson, just published a book about the history of our hometown, Mobridge, South Dakota, and his involvement with the restoration of the Mobridge State Bank, one of only a handful of metal-clad banks in the country. Anyone from Mobridge or anyone from South Dakota would find this an entertaining and informative look at not only the history of our town and state but also the history of the opening of the West, with Lewis and Clark’s expedition through the territory and on to the West Coast. And it’s loaded with wonderful photographs, some from historical archives and many from the author. The book is not yet available from Amazon, but it can be ordered directly from the author by calling 763-544-5287. The cost is $18 + $3 shipping. I highly recommend this book.

Okay, just watched the end of the Wisconsin/Auburn game, Wisconsin winning in overtime, 34-31 when the Auburn kicker missed a field goal by bouncing it off the right upright. Great game. And now it’s time for the one I’m really interested in, the Oregon/Florida State Rose Bowl game. Let’s go, you Ducks.
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