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Friday, May 6

Jungle Book & Trump Redux

A quick comment on Disney’s The Jungle Book. I went to it to see if what everyone was saying was true, that the animals were so real one could almost reach out and touch them. It’s simply amazing what Disney and other studios can now do with animation, with creating characters and backgrounds that defy the human eye to determine what’s real and what’s created. I can see in the not too distant future when we will no longer need live actors for movies; we’ll just create George Clooneys and Julia Roberts and stick them in the stories. The story of the man-cub Mowgli was pretty straightforward and not very good. The running and leaping he did would have made the 3-D version acceptable, but one can take only so much running and leaping. The best thing about this latest version of Kipling’s well-known story is Baloo the Bear, with Bill Murray doing the voice. Funny man, funny character. And one other thing, anyone who would take a three- to six-year old to this movie would regret it. The extreme action would scare the bejesus out of tiny tots.

I almost hate to continue writing about Donald Trump. He’s like that itch that one can’t get over by continual scratching. With every scratch the urge to itch increases. He’s everywhere one looks in the news, a man at first sort of comically interesting for his idiotic babbling but who is now becoming frightening. He won’t win in November but just the fact that he’s one of the two left in the presidential race says something very scary about where our nation is heading. And where the world might be heading. If Donald Trump were somehow to win in November, Canada would have to build a wall hundreds of feet high to hold out all the Americans who would be fleeing north. And the Muslim Americans along with us. And the Mexican immigrants, both legal and illegal, would be heading south, simply leapfrogging over the top of the Trump wall along our southern border.
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