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Monday, October 31

Bull or Bear Market Coming?

I think this image says it all—Halloween can kiss my pumpkin fanny, and the coming election can too. Oh, yes, and Donald Trump can also purse his lips and press them to my bottom. There, Halloween done for another year.

Election news has quieted down recently. Not nearly as many letters and articles praising or denouncing the two candidates. What’ll I do when it’s all over and I don’t have any scabs to pick at? For almost six months, Donald has been my scab and now he’s about to go away. Donald is still crying about rigged results, and WikiLeaks has thrown a quiet monkey wrench into the works with more e-mails found and released and FBI director James Comey’s notification to Congress about his investigation into them. Tempests in teapots. This close to Election Day, almost nothing will change the way people vote. And millions have already voted with early ballots. It’s a done deal. Hillary may even win by a wider margin than is now projected. I have a feeling that some of those who now so loudly support Trump may have secret second thoughts when they get in the booth, maybe not voting for Hillary, but for Johnson or Stein, or maybe not voting for anyone.

The stock market is also waiting with bated breath for November 8. Some experts say the Bull is about to collapse, with the dollar shrinking disastrously anywhere from fifty cents to only one cent. I find either scenario unlikely. Other experts say the Bull is going to grow to epic proportions, with the Dow rising as high as 40,000 or 50,000. I find that scenario equally unlikely. But much depends on which of the two get elected. If Donald somehow pulls it off, I could see banks all over the world collapsing with a worldwide thud, an economic death knell. If Hillary is elected, the dollar and the markets might go up or down, but not very far in either direction. In just eight more days we’ll have answers.
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