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Tuesday, October 18

Some Trump Doggeral

How could I possibly resist. Doggeral verse and Donald Trump go hand in hand.

Dumpty Trumpty
Sittin’ on a wall,
Scared to look down
For fear he might fall.

But his fall’s inevitable,
He just can’t win,
A fate so bettable,
Just go to the bank and cash it in.

And when he falls
The yokes on him,
Better that
Than a deep-water swim.

With his feet in his mouth
He’d sink like a rock,
And the folks down South
Wouldn’t show him a dock.

Just an arm-waving clown
Who scared us with claims
Of what he might do
While groping the dames.

‘Bout Barack Obama
You gave us some mirth
That he was illegal,
Had a Muslimy birth.

So long, Donald,
We won’t see you again,
Until the next Apprentice,
And we won’t watch you then.
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