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Thursday, January 7

Songs Never Heard

I've been writing songs for almost my entire life, beginning when I was still in high school and then in New York, after my discharge in 1954, when I tried to do it seriously. But that was a failed enterprise. So I wrote songs off and on, collecting them in one form or another. But except for that botched experience with "All Over You" a few years ago and the two songs that were recorded on a demo disk in 1955, almost no one has ever heard any of my songs. I keep the lyrics in a file on my computer and the music in my head, where those notes will die with me one of these days. Here's a set of lyrics I put together two years ago:

"A Little Bit Scared"

He was a little bit scared
And a little bit stupid,
But he put up his dukes
And he took it to Cupid . . .
Who popped him
Right in the kisser
And dropped him.

Then she found him there
And picked him up,
Carried him home
In her trunk . . .
Cause ya see,
She was a little bit drunk
And a little bit crazy.
And later on
She was a little bit hazy
How he came to be there.
Was it a one-time affair?

When he woke up
He was a little bit scared
And a whole lot dumber,
So he said goodbye
And he jumped in his Hummer,
And drove away.
He was too scared to stay.

He was a little bit scared
And a little bit stupid,
But he put up his dukes
And he took it to Cupid . . .
Who whumped him,
Took him by the ear
And then dumped him

Back on her lap.
He got a little bitty kiss
And a great big slap
That brought him to his senses,
So he threw up a wall
For emotional defenses.
But it didn’t help at all,
He was just bound to fall.

They were a little bit in love
And a whole lotta happy,
So they jumped in his car
And decided to be sappy
And tie the knot,
And that’s just what they got—
All tied up in kids.

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