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Sunday, September 12

Dumb Song & Sunday Sports

Last night, in that half-sleep dream state we all know, I started singing in my head a truly dumb song, “I Dunno Why I Love Ya Like I Do.” I dunno why it popped into my head. Or maybe it was because last week we watched a half-hour infomercial about the old Dean Martin musical variety show, and it was one of the songs he sang. I call it a dumb song because it’s so simple it never should have found any success or have been sung by anyone, let alone Dean Martin. It’s written in a standard A-A-B-A form, but each part is only four bars instead of eight, making it a sixteen-bar song. With these really dumb, repetitive lyrics: “I dunno why I love ya like I do, I dunno why, I just do. I dunno why ya thrill me like ya do, I dunno why, ya just do. You never seem to want my romancin,’ the only time ya hold me is when we’re dancin’. I dunno why I love ya like I do. I dunno why, I just do.” Dumb.

It’s Sunday and a golf and football day. I’m presently watching the playoffs in Chicago with half an eye. Half because Tiger is just going through the motions, way out of making it into the finals next week. Oh well, maybe next year. And the other half an eye is on the two early football games, just biding my time till the Cardinals/Rams game comes on at 1:00. Nearly all of the prognosticators are saying the 49ers will win the western division of the NFC, assuming that the loss of Kurt Warner and Anquin Boldin will be devastating for the Cardinals. That’s just dumb. I’m predicting the Cardinals will go 10-6 this year and easily repeat as the western division champions. Write that down.

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