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Monday, September 6

Scattered Thoughts

Anne Thompson, the woman I thought would go away, hasn’t gone away. It seems like every night we have to see her standing on the bow of that same boat in the water off New Orleans, talking about either the BP mess and the failed safety cap or another hurricane or how New Orleans is getting along five years after Katrina. Enough already.

Several weeks ago I saw on CNN a story about the Saudi judge who sentenced a man who had paralyzed another man to have his spinal cord surgically severed. When exactly are those people in the Middle East going to come out of the 19th century and join the rest of the world in the 21st? And Brian Williams, on the NBC Nightly News, spoke of the Chilean miners who need to have no more than a 35 inch waist to make it up the rescue hole. And that the national average in the U.S. for men is 40 inches, women 37 inches. How is that possible?

Ben Quayle, Dan’s son, is now running for a congressional seat in Arizona with the campaign statement, “Barack Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States.” To paraphrase someone I read in Time a week ago, “That nut hasn’t fallen far from the tree.” Someone should ask him how he spells the plural of “potato.”

And finally, I must confess that I’m sick and tired of getting e-mails telling me that Barack Obama is a muslim, or that he wasn’t born a U.S. citizen. How stupid can 25% of our population be?

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