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Monday, September 27

End of Diving

It’s been almost two weeks since I had my last session at the hyperbaric unit. I’ll miss my two friends who took care of me while I was there, Debbie and Freddie, two of the nicest people I’ve ever known. Forty times in the tube, eight weeks plus the one week I spent in the hospital. It’s been a long time since I began seeing Dr. Essary at the wound clinic, almost nine months. At the end of my last dive, he told me my wounds looked like they were on the brink of healing across the top now that they had healed up from the bottom. To my eye, they were still a long way from healing entirely. So now I’m using another different salve on the wounds, bandage changing every other day. It’s called Medihoney, a tube of honey from New Zealand that I squeeze into the wounds before binding them up. I hope this hastens the final step to healing. It’s been just too long. And more good news now that I’m done diving, my energy level is up a bit. I no longer fall asleep sitting at the computer or watching tv. Still tired more than I want to be, but that will change once I get back to walking. I even tried to golf nine holes last week, after which I was so tired I felt like just falling facedown on the turf. I say “tried” because it wasn’t a pretty sight and the score wasn’t what I’d want as a steady diet. But I didn’t roll any shots or make any really stupid mistakes. All I have to remember is to take two or three more clubs than I used to. I’ll get back to playing more regularly when the temperatures finally go down, maybe in two or three weeks.

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