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Saturday, April 9

Arbor - Epilogue & Pickles


The view from above, let’s say from a hot air balloon, would show a much closer view of the city below. And if one looked really carefully, one would see a house and a yard, the back of which is guarded by a stand of tall arborvitae trees, with four fruit trees nearby. And if one looked really really carefully, one might even see two small rabbits dancing in the yard. And if one looked really really really carefully, one might see a tiny brown lizard with eyes that rolled up and down and around and around, like marbles spinning in a children’s game, standing guard against all the dangers that fly or crawl or run, babysitting four tiny rabbits jumping and leaping in twists and twirls, shouting in tiny rabbit voices, “Aheeee Yah!”.

Wisdom from Pickles

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