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Saturday, April 16

Growing Old

Walk with me by the water, well worth the read . . .



I FORGOT THE WORDS! (Thanks Larry & Donna.)

I went to The Conspirator, the just released film directed by Robert Redford, about the Booth-led conspiracy to kill Lincoln, Seward, and Johnson just before the end of the Civil War. The conspirator of the title was Mary Surratt, who owned the boardinghouse where Booth and his followers laid their plans for the assassination. Most of the film involves the trial of Surratt, a military tribunal in which she is pretty much railroaded into a conviction, and her death by hanging. It is never made clear historically if she was guilty or not guilty, but our assumption is that she was simply the victim of a court disdaining any civil rights, too much like what happened after 9/11. Good flick.

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