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Saturday, April 30

More Idol

The judges all looked surprised by the ouster of Casey Abrams last Tuesday, bur they shouldn’t have been. He’s a jazz musician and Idol is a popularity contest, and jazz isn’t very popular with the kind of fan the show attracts. So his being voted out shouldn’t have surprised anyone, not even Casey. He was certainly the first or second best contestant, with James Durbin being the other one. And now we’re left with one who should win and four who shouldn’t. But remember what happened the last two years? Adam Lambert was the best and was only a runnerup, as was Cindy Bowersox last season. And though James will probably make it to the final night, he too will lose out to one of the less talented. I’m guessing that Jacob Lusk will be the next to go, followed by Haley Reinhart, and then Lauren Alaina, leaving country boy Scotty and rocker James in the final shootout. And guess what, Scotty will win out over James, making this one of the dumbest outcomes in the ten seasons.

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