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Friday, August 24

Mitt Romney

Okay, Mitt, so no one’s ever asked to see your birth certificate. But what about your tax returns? It seems to me that when I pay a far greater portion of my annual income than you do, I deserve to see if it’s really 13% or something far smaller. The man is worth a quarter of a billion dollars, and he speaks of his 13% with disdainful pride. Come on, Mitt, show me the money. I want to see if you’re telling the truth or simply lying out of ignorance. And speaking of ignorance, are you really aligning yourself with people like Joe Arpaio on the birther issue? That takes a degree of ignorance that frightens me. Two other issues that this election raises: the argument for limiting campaign funds spent, especially on the presidential level; and the argument for a popular vote instead of the Electoral College for deciding our next president. Anyone in an undecided state can feel comfort that their vote will actually count, but those of us in states that are already in one camp or the other feel that our vote is useless if we’re not on the state’s side. I want my vote to have some value no matter where I live.

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