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Tuesday, August 21

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green was indeed odd. Odd, but satisfying in a “what-to-do-this-afternoon” way. In some ways it was a cousin to Moonrise Kingdom, more fairy tale than realistic look at life. But where Moonlight Kingdom never varied from its unreality, Odd Life mixed the two unsuccessfully. It’s the story of a little boy digging out of a garden to fulfill the dreams of a couple unable to have children of their own. And what a cute little boy he is. C. J. Adams arrives complete with a sharp 10-year-old intelligence, a charm that wins over nearly everyone, and lovely green leaves sprouting from his ankles. And leaves seem to be the predominant image, New England fall colors almost overpowering the viewer. A charming story, a charming boy. And, of course, there’s Jennifer Garner, whom I fell in love with for her kick-ass Alias role. But even my love for her couldn’t make up for the silliness of some of the scenes—the totally unrealistic soccer match, the “never gonna happen” music recital in the home of Jennifer’s sister, the gorgeous but silly leaf cathedral Timothy and Joni create in the forest. The rest is teary and predictable, but that’s okay for a “nothing-else-to-do” afternoon. I’ll remember Moonrise Kingdom far longer than Odd Life.

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