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Wednesday, March 13


More on three-dimensional movies and television. The last time we watched anything in 3D at the theatre was Alice in Wonderland and we weren’t very impressed with that one. But there we were again with Oz, the odd little glasses we had to don, the on-screen advice to put on our glasses to better appreciate the 3D previews of coming attractions, especially the latest remake of The Great Gatsby. Apparently there will soon be a time when all films will be in 3D, and soon thereafter they’ll have figured out how to get the 3D effect without the cheesy glasses. And someday young people will chuckle at the way we used to view movies. Even the word “movies” is odd, harking back to that long ago time when silent films were introduced, with pictures that “moved.” And then silents became talkies in black and white, then Technicolor, then in Dolby Surround Sound, then 3D. What lies in the future? Probably holographic stories told right in front of us like stage plays, seen in theatres or in our living rooms. Or maybe even in our laps. Who know what wonders await us.

Another step into the future that’s happening even as I speak—the effect that DVR’s now have on television and will have in the future. How will television be funded if commercial revenues dry up because viewers are now “saving” shows on their DVR’s and fast-forwarding through all the commercial garbage Will all channels become like PBS, pleading for donations? Or will we see an end to the many many channels like History, Lifetime, Bravo, Discovery, and Hallmark that can’t continue without commercial revenue?

This morning I was greeted on the front page of the Arizona Republic with a picture of our governor Jan Brewer, telling us of her plan for expanding Medicaid in Arizona. She seems to be seen on the tube or in the news more often than she should be. The woman tries to look like she’s an attractive forty-year-old when she really would have been perfectly cast as the wicked witch in this latest Oz. Her face has been lifted so often she now has nipple cheeks and a belly button in the middle of her chin. I guess you could say I’m not a fan of Jan Brewer.
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