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Sunday, March 24

Kitty Fixing

Rosalie has been volunteering one day a week at a nearby no-kill small animal rescue shelter called “4-Paws.” It’s almost entirely devoted to cats and kittens, all of which get spayed or neutered when they take them in, and the shelter’s struggle is to adopt as many out as they take in.. It seems to me that all cats and kittens should be “fixed” as soon as possible, but there are still too many people who just love those cute little cuddle buns . . . for a while. Then they sort of misplace some of them outdoors, turning cute little cuddle buns into feral cat factories. And then any number have to be caught and euthanized lest we get up to our asses in cats. The same might be said of our six billion residents of the planet. Too many people are either too ignorant of the child-producing process or think they just have to have six or eight or ten or more cute little cuddle buns. I’m reminded of Octomom Nadya Suleman who, with the help of Dr. Michael Kamrava, her fertility doctor, gave birth to eight children by in vitro fertilization to go with her previous six children. That’s right, fourteen children. She is now being charged with welfare fraud. Dr. Kamrava in 2009 was expelled from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and lost his California medical license in July, 2011. Oh, yes, and Nadya also has a prescription for marijuana, probably written for her by the good Dr. Kamrava. Her story wouldn’t so much fall in the stupid or cuddling categories, but in the selfish, money-loving, fame-grabbing category. China’s one-child per family rule may seem cruel to some, but in a world of six billion it makes some sense to me.
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