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Sunday, March 10

No News, Good News

No news is good news, but since I don’t have anything else to write about, I guess it will have to be about recent news. Sorry.

A new pope will be elected soon, maybe as soon as next Tuesday. And the cardinals will use the old smoke signal to let us know yes or no—white for yes, black for no. That sounds just silly in this high-tech age. Why not just let the world know via television?

North Korea, like a feisty Pekinese, is growling about a nuclear attack on the U.S. What silliness. They’re a small nation just north of their sister nation South Korea. Can’t they see how much better life is to the south of them? Life in North Korea is, at best, difficult for most of its citizens. Life in South Korea is, most certainly, very good and prosperous for most of its citizens. Has Kim Jung Un, North Korea’s young leader, lost his mind? Has he convinced his citizenry that they’re starving because the hated U.S. is responsible for their sorry state? Does he really think his imperial army could compete with U.S. forces in an all-out war? Does he think we’re all as weird and crazy and stupid as Dennis Rodman?

We watched a segment on the news about the effect of global warming on the South Polar ice cover. The global warming expert reported that if all the South Polar ice were to melt, the depth of all oceans would increase by about two football fields. Wow, that’s a lot of water. He failed to tell us what that would do to the world’s coastlines, but I can only imagine we’d all be crammed together onto a lot less land than we now have.

The panelists on the Chris Matthews Show were speculating about the 2016 presidential candidates, that it would be amusing to see another Clinton-Bush battle—Hillary and Jed, that is. I’m more than ready for Hillary, but do we really need to see another Bush?

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