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Monday, April 22

Antique Furniture

We got our chairs back from Sit Well Upholstery this afternoon, and are we ever happy with the results. Good story behind these particular chairs (plus one loveseat). In 1972 or ‘73, right after we’d moved into our very first house in Lakewood, NY(lots of years in mobile homes), we were trying to furnish it with whatever household sale stuff we could find, and my wife and my mother found these three pieces in someone’s basement—dirty, tattered, covered with black paint and a few coats of other colors beneath the black. The sellers asked for $75 (this at a time when $75 meant a bunch to us) and we bought them. Both wife and mother thought they could probably take the paint off and see what was underneath. Besides, the wooden frames were interesting. They brought them home, took them to our basement, stripped them of way too many coats of stuff, and found what was underneath. Then they bought a green and yellow floral material to use for the backs and seats. And we had them for years and years before they were refinished and reupholstered in a green and red plaid material. And they made the trip from New York to Arizona with us, and after years and years of changes in humidity, the glue holding them together sort of dried up. First we had the loveseat reupholstered. Gorgeous. And now we have the two companion pieces done—one straight chair and one rocker. Reglued, restriped, refinshed, reupholstered in an antiquiy blue/green/cream material. And they look beautiful. And they feel wonderful when I sit in them. I have no idea what they may be worth, but as far as we’re concerned, they’re family heirlooms, and we’re going to get it in writing that none of our children will ever ever sell them at some garage sale. Here they are. Aren't they handsome?
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