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Thursday, April 25

American Idol Again

Okay, I’m back on Idol (or should that be “back on idle?”). Last night we watched the four final ladies sing and strut their stuff, and oh how they all did sing and strut. Angie, Kree, Amber, and Candice—the four ladies—are undoubtedly the best final four ever, and any one of them would be a fitting winner. Not once has Randy felt obliged to mention any of them being “pitchy.” Nicki Minaj loves them all dearly. Mariah Carey thinks they’re all star quality. And Keith Urban gives his usual on-target comments about all of them. What’s odd to me about the judges this year? They all seem to be so much better than judges past. Sorry, Simon Cowell, I don’t miss your acerbic attitude. Odd that I hated Nicki at the beginning, with her perfectly cut hair styles and her meticulous eye makeup. I assumed she was stupid. And now I like her for her honesty and intelligence. Never thought I’d say that about Nicki Minaj. Randy has finally—thank God— given up on his “Yo, Dog” opening to most of his comments. Mariah is still stumbling with words, and last night, when the show began, she was showing a whole lot of cleavage that she covered by bringing a bunch of hair around front. Someone in production must have mentioned the boob thing to her during the first commercial break. And Keith Urban seems to know more about music than I first would have believed. So much for the judges. How about the singers? Amber looks and sounds more and more like a young Natalie Cole. Angie is drop-dead gorgeous and accompanies herself on piano like she owns it. Kree is also drop-dead gorgeous and, when she begins touring and recording, will lose forty pounds and be even more drop-dead gorgeous. And Candice, who will also lose about forty pounds, can sing anything, but I wish she’d stop relying on so many runs like too many young singers now use. Can’t singers these days sustain a note without escaping into the safety runs? I can’t wait to see who will be voted out tonight. And I know that whoever it is will be saved by the judges and we’ll see all four of them again next week. I hope the winner will be Kree, but I’d be happy with any of the four. If you’re not an Idol watcher, you should tune in for these last three weeks to see what a talented group of singers we have this season.
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