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Tuesday, June 4

Bad Weather

All the bad weather news of late—tornadoes like avenging devils swooping down on our nation’s midsection, especially Oklahoma, fires in California, torrential rains and flooding in the upper Midwest, hurricane season about to begin its devastating ugliness. All we now need is a series of earthquakes and a plague of locusts and we’d have it all. Meanwhile, we in Arizona look at the news, the weather channel people telling us and showing us this destruction and loss of life, and we say a silent prayer that we aren’t subject to these weather aberrations. We have occasional flash floods through which a few idiots try to drive but only the occasional idiot ever dies. We have towering dust storms, haboobs, through which a few idiots try to drive, but only the occasional idiot ever dies. These dust storms are more a nuisance than a hazard, with all the home pools (of which there are many) filling to the brim with sand and grit. We have devastating fires in the pine forests to the north, mostly destroying residences but few people. But we have no tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, mud slides, blizzards, flooding,no plague of locusts, and only a few bothersome insects. People will say we have killer heat in the summer. Heat, yes. Killer heat, no. And one does not have to shovel heat.

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