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Sunday, June 30

Heat Wave

Hot, hot, HOT! Instead of calling it The Valley of the Sun we should redesignate it The Valley of the Heat. We’ve never in our nineteen years here experienced a June as hot as this one has been. We can’t even fall back on that old Arizona platitude “But it’s a dry heat.” Doesn’t matter. One can’t do much of anything whether it’s dry or humid. Either way it’s unbearable. With all the climatic oddities this year has thus far brought us—tornadoes, flooding, blizzards, hurricanes, extreme drought, excessive heat—our science guys should be working on some way to control the weather. Like finding a way to straighten out the jet streams that now dip and rise and make for all kinds of odd scenarios. This latest shows us on the weather map a huge reverse sideways S across our nation, with the western half inside the top of the S, the eastern half in the other end of the S, extreme heat in the west, extreme rain in the east. Just pull that baby by its ends and straighten it out and stop all this nonsense.
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