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Monday, June 16

Blogger's Block

I think I’ve hit a wall. Not exactly a blogger’s block because it isn’t as though I simply can’t write, but because I don’t have any new things to write about. Nearly 850 posts seem to have exhausted my topics. What do I do? Stop blogging altogether? Take a break from blogging? Write blogs that ramble on about any personal thing that comes to mind? There are people out there who find my blog and read it, mostly from the US, but quite a few also from Russia, the UK, Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Canada, even one from Qatar and several from other remote places in the world. If I stop writing, I lose those readers. But how egomaniacal am I that I need these people to acknowledge me? I’m like a little boy, jumping up and down, shouting, “I’m here! Look at me! Love me! Don’t leave me alone in this chaotic universe!” I scour the news for subjects: Bergdahl’s return from Afghanistan (did he or didn’t he desert?), school shootings here, there, and everywhere, the obituaries of famous people (Casey Kasem dies at 82), sports news (yes, Martin Kaymer really kicked ass, the Spurs really did a number on the Heat, the D-backs can’t seem to hit out of a paper bag, will the US win the World Cup?), suicide bombers over and over again. Will Hillary run? Another war in Iraq? Too many questions, not enough answers. How do I break through this wall?

I guess I’ll just ramble.

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