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Saturday, June 21

Tiger, Lucy, Lexi, and Michelle

Good news, Tiger is going to play next week. And just watch the tv ratings soar. It’s especially good news because this must mean he’ll be playing in the Open and the PGA, and I can get back to viewing golf with more than one eye. The LPGA is playing its open at Pinehurst 2 this week, and thanks to some fortuitous occurrences, the ladies will be have the most viewers they’ve ever had. Why? It’s being held on the same course (although quite a bit shortened) on which the men played for the U.S. Open last week; we were fascinated with seeing the 11-year-old Lucy Li swing a club (very well, by the way); and on Saturday, the two LPGA bombers are paired in the final group, Michelle Wie and Lexi Thompson. Young Miss Li has put the whip and the snap back in “whippersnapper.”
I can’t remember what I was doing when I was her age, but it certainly wasn’t playing in a major golf tournament. She played very well, despite a few, as she refers to them, big numbers. And her post-play interviews were delightful, this tiny, but oh so poised little girl eating an ice cream bar as she discussed with the media how she had played. We’ll be seeing more of Lucy Li in years to come. Then there are the other two golf prodigies—Michelle Wie, whom we all thought a decade ago was going to accomplish Tiger-like goals, and Lexi Thompson, known affectionately by her brothers as Twinkle Toes because of the way she finishes her swing, up on both toes. Michelle Wie finally looks like the player we expected ten years ago.
Lexi Thompson, only nineteen, is simply a joy to watch as she swings with abandon and swing-fury. This pairing today should really be something.

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