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Thursday, October 16


I just finished reading a book that our daughter Jeri Travis wrote, based on an idea she’s had since she was very young. It’s called Evolution, The Long Journey Home, and is hauntingly strange, oddly beautiful and comforting. It’s an extended examination of what life may be, what the universe may be, what God is or may be, how life forms evolve here on earth as well as throughout the universe, how man and all of God’s creatures are on a spiritual journey through time and space.

The story is told mainly through the consciousness of Jey, a young man about to go through his society’s rite of passage, a journey that all their young people must take before they can understand their places in society and the universe. And he is fearful that this journey is only a way the elders have of brainwashing the young. He enters the cathedral, sits through the ceremony, drinks the sacramental wine, bids farewell to his parents and his younger sister Trinny, and is then locked in a small room at the rear of the cathedral where he falls asleep and his journey begins. And from there, the story follows him through endless space and time, through numerous incarnations throughout Earth’s history, all the while he is learning about the unity of all beings within the cosmic structure of the universe. He learns that both good and evil must coexist to keep a necessary balance, that the lost souls, the evil followers of Satan, are in a constant battle to win the souls of everyone. Without this battle, man and all the creatures of the universe could not evolve into a spiritual union with the Creator. Whew! I didn’t understand all of it, but I was impressed. I may have been a life-long agnostic, but my mind just creaked open a bit after reading her book.

It’s available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, in soft or hard cover or as an e-book. It’s really quite lovely, with a cover designed by Karley Low. That girl on the cover is Trinny as she is creating butterflies. I hope all of you out there who may read this blog will buy a copy. You wouldn’t regret it, and my daughter could sure use the money.

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