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Monday, October 20

Odd Day, Odd Me

Another odd day in the Valley. The weather isn't odd. The news isn't odd. The Arizona sports teams aren't odd in that both ASU and the Cardinals won rather handily with nothing much spectacular or odd about their wins over the Stanford Cardinal and the Oakland Raiders. That leaves me. I'm the odd one. I got up this morning to go golfing, went into the garage to discover there were no golf clubs on my cart. None. I couldn't figure out where they were. Someone had somehow gotten into our garage and stolen the damn things, and they weren't worth stealing in the first place. I thought it must be a sign from above telling me I should give up the game. I'd played on Friday and had ridden with another guy in our group and I must have forgotten to transfer my clubs to my cart. In all the years I've played this silly game, I've never forgotten to transfer my clubs. But that's just what I'd done. So I drove to the course anyway, and my Friday golfing buddy had left my clubs there because he knew what my tee time was. No sign from above, and I shot well enough to continue to play until I get a real sign from above. I've always said that I'd know it was time to quit when I had to put a rubber cup on the end of my putter to retrieve the ball from the cup or when the fairway bunkers were now in play on my second shots instead of the tee shots. So far neither has come about, but I've noticed that the cup in much farther down than it used to be and the fairway bunkers are almost reaching out to grab my wayward second shots. That day will come, but not just yet.

Just as I did yesterday with links to my comments about poetry, I've decided to put some links in here for anyone interested in my comments about the English language. I know, I know, who cares about the English language? Certainly not our current crop of young texters, but surely some of my readers still care.

ES3 Intro
Time Flies
English Oddities
Dangling Modifiers
Grammatical No-No's
Passive Voice
English Up's
Words to Play With
The "Esh" Phoneme
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