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Thursday, January 7

State of the Union

Dream Oddity. Last night I dreamed about how complex the English language can be, and for some reason this came to me. How to make a desert pie: Take a pie tin and fill it with several cups of desert sand, garnish it with a few desert pebbles, then place on top, right in the center, a wax candle shaped as an “S.” Light it. There, now you have a desert dessert.

State of the Union. Or should that be “State of the Disunion?” The stock market has taken a number of dives in the past week, not yet disastrous, but a bit scary. I have faith that it will bounce back by July. Scary North Korea is at it again, this time waving a hydrogen bomb at us and the rest of the world. Even China, North Korea’s long-time ally, has voiced its displeasure at this nuclear threat by Kim Jong-un, NK’s fat, megalomaniacal president. Unemployment is down around 5%, but some would warn us that this number is deceiving and doesn’t truly reveal the actual number of people who are out of work (discounting those who have simply given up their job search). And they say President Obama is lying to the nation when he boasts about this unemployment mark. Okay, so it’s not absolutely accurate, but when he began his second term, unemployment was over 10%. That’s a big improvement no matter how it’s figured. Crime and gun violence? Yes, we seem to have a big problem with cops killing young Blacks without justifiable cause, and the protesters are marching with “Black Lives Matter!” Yes, but I’d go on to say, “All Lives Matter.” And we still can’t seem to make any headway on controlling guns and gun owners. NRA members and other gun advocates are still screaming about the government trying to take away their Second Amendment rights. Did the Founding Fathers, when they penned the Second Amendment, ever foresee the kinds of guns and weapons we now have and did they ever think every American should have the right or the need to carry these weapons of mass killing? And then we have ISIS and their attempts to terrorize us and the rest of the world. I’m still scratching my head over that insanity. Let’s hope 2016 sees the end of the ISIS threat. And that leads me to that other Division in our State, the “Running of the Bulls” as the primaries begin and those running show their true colors as November approaches. How long will Donald Trump ride that bull he’s on? It seems to me that the sooner the GOP decides to talk him down from his high horse/bull the better chance any Republican will have of defeating Hillary Clinton. But even a better chance won’t be good enough. Hello, President Clinton and your First Lady Bill (Can’t bring myself to call him a Gentleman).
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