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Thursday, January 28

Trump & National Anthem

There’s just no escaping the man. There are at least two or three mentions of him every day in the news, both comments supporting him and comments telling us what a bad choice he would be should the GOP choose him as their nominee for president. Yeah, I’m talking about The Donald. I just saw a listing of 19 celebrities who are endorsing him, and the character and mentality of the 19 say something about the others in our country who are also supporting him. Make that 20 if you include Arizona’s Joe Arpaio. Here are the others: Cher, Mike Tyson, Gary Busey, Charlie Sheen, Kenny Rogers, Hulk Hogan, Mark Cuban, Terrell Owens, Ted Nugent, Dennis Rodman, Lou Ferrigno, Chuck Yeager, Mike Ditka, Tom Brady, Stephen Baldwin, Tila Tequila (Who?), Gene Simmons (of Kiss), Dan Blizerian, Willie Robertson (of Duck Dynasty), and Jesse Ventura. I’m not sure I’d trust the judgement of any of the people listed above, most of whom are one kind of nut cake or another. When, oh when, are we going to see the man take his final pratfall in 2016 and we can get on with the serious business of selecting our next president? Soon, I hope.

I’ve had nearly a week to recover from the pain of watching the Cardinals look like stumble bums against the Panthers in the NFC championship. They give a whole new meaning to the word “debacle.” But I’m now over it for the most part and look forward to a new season this fall. But I must comment on something from the Broncos/Patriots game that preceded the Cardinals game: the singing of our National Anthem. Andy Grammer, supposedly a platinum-selling recording star, gave us just an awful rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Why do the people who arrange such pre-game details seem to choose such bad singers? I realize that Whitney Houston, in 1991, set the bar way too high for most performers, but couldn’t they get someone who could come close? In case you’ve never heard the Whitney Houston version, here it is.

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