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Friday, August 12

Olympic Observations

All those complaints about a too-white Academy Awards this year. “We need to be more inclusive,” the complainers complained. “Why are there no Black (or, for that matter, yellow, brown, or red) nominees?” I’m watching the U.S. men’s basketball team in Rio and I don’t see a single white (or, for that matter, yellow, brown, or red) player. I’d have thought there might be at least one white guy good enough to be included. Kevin Love, comes to mind, but I just read that he said no because of injury. Okay, then how about someone else, even though he may not be as good as other qualifiers? Oh, you say that wouldn’t be fair to all those who ARE good enough to qualify. Isn’t that parallel to the Academy Awards? Why should a Black actor be nominated just because he/she is black? Shouldn’t it be based on quality of performance instead of race?

Things I’ve noticed in these Games. Nearly all competitors (with Simone Biles the most obvious exception) are taller than in Games past. Just look at the volleyballers, especially the women, or the basketballers, especially the women. Nearly all competitors have beautiful, white teeth. Just imagine how dentists all over the world have gotten wealthy. Nearly all competitors are extremely attractive. I guess the increased size, strength, and attractiveness is the result of better nutrition in most of the world. And nearly all competitors have been exhibiting wonderful sportsmanship. Almost no evidence of any animosity between any Olympians, with the possible exception of those who think that all the Russian teams should have been excluded for their doping infractions. Now if we could only find a food that would turn hate into love, a loaf of special bread that could turn the followers if ISIS into followers of NICES.
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